October 5th 2020

Towards a sustainable food supply for the city of Brussels : Opportunities in and around the urban context

How self-sufficient is the city of Brussels today in terms of its food supply? To what extent can urban agriculture be developed to feed the population? What are the possible pathways for feeding Brussels in a more sustainable way?


This study focuses on the food supply of the city of Brussels. The aim is to provide an analysis of this food supply and to estimate the extent to which the Brussels-Capital Region has the necessary resources to meet the food demand of its inhabitants, potentially enabling it to move towards greater urban food autonomy or towards a relevant reorganisation of its supply within a wider area.

More specifically, this research work had three specific objectives: a. To develop a methodological and conceptual framework which allows and facilitates the analysis of the food supply of cities and territories; b. To document the current situation in terms of food supply in the city of Brussels; and c. To evaluate different possible prospective pathways for the future food supply of Brussels, up to 2050.

More detailed results are presented in the attached documents (in French).


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