Transition of food systems

Our team

Our team includes seven researchers

We focus on agricultural systems, food value chains and transition pathways

    Clémentine Antier

    Research assistant

    Clémentine holds a MSc in agricultural sciences from AgroParisTech. Her research focuses on the dynamics of ecological transition, with an original approach mixing agronomy and sociology. Her work considers scales from the farm level to the regional and european level.

    Philippe Baret

    Research director

    Philippe Baret holds a MSc in agricultural sciences and a PhD in quantitative genetics. A professor at UCLouvain since 1997, his teachings focus on systems analysis, genetics and agroecology. He supervises the Sytra research team with a focus on the characterization of agricultural and food systems, the development of agroecology and the processes of innovation and transition. He is a member of various organizations boards and research groups.

    Céline Chevalier

    PhD candidate

    Céline, a bioengineer trained at UCLouvain, is a PhD Student funded by a FNRS grant. Her work focuses on the systemic study of intercropping in market gardening: How to choose and design them? Her PhD is conducted in a participatory manner, in collaboration with Walloon market gardeners.

    Véronique De Herde

    PhD candidate

    Bioengineer in agronomy (UCLouvain) and holder of a master’s degree in contemporary history (ULB), Véronique De Herde explores in her doctoral thesis (FRIA grant) the coexistence between governance and development models in the Walloon dairy sector. In particular, she studies the historical development of cooperatives and the impact of new cooperative models on the diversification of dairy productions. She also studies the relationship of these models to the practices and identity of dairy farmers.

    Manon Ferdinand

    PhD candidate

    A bioengineer by formation (UCLouvain), Manon Ferdinand is a doctoral student supported by the financing of a FRIA grant. Within the Sytra team, she is conducting a thesis on the characterization and study of Conservation Agriculture models in relation to climate adaptation and mitigation issues.

    Anton Riera

    Research assistant

    Anton holds a MSc in agricultural sciences (UCLouvain) as well as in Environmental Sustainability (University of Edinburgh). As part of Sytra, his work ranges over the three research areas of the team: the global analysis of food and agricultural systems, a consideration of the diversity within those systems and discussions around transition pathways.

    Louis Tessier

    PhD candidate

    Louis obtained a MsC. Agricultural Sciences (UGent) in 2016. Since then, he’s working as a junior researcher at ILVO in Merelbeke. In his doctoral research Louis explores how agroecology, in all its dimensions, is and can be put into practice by Flemish beef farmers. He is passionate about the political economic dynamics mediating contemporary food systems transitions both locally and globally.

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