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Our team includes ten researchers

We focus on agricultural systems, food value chains and transition pathways

    Antoine Squilbin

    Research assistant

    Trained as a bioengineer in agronomic sciences, specialised in sustainability engineering, Antoine joined the team in February 2024 to contribute to various projects concerning the transition to sustainable agricultural and food systems and paths for reducing the use of inputs on a territorial scale.

    Quentin Vandersteen

    Research assistant

    Quentin holds a Master’s degree in environmental bioscience engineering, specialised in land use planning (UCLouvain). He joined the Sytra team in June 2023, where he contributes to prospective and strategic studies on the dynamics of agricultural and food transitions. He particularly appreciates the systemic and nuanced approaches at the heart of these studies.

    Diana Borniotto

    PhD Candidate

    Diana Borniotto holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from University of Milan. She has worked during the past years in both the private and public sector focussing on social and environmental externalities of agricultural value chain. Her PhD research now focuses on the implementation of European pollinators protection measures and decision making process.

    Océane Duluins

    PhD Candidate

    Océane Duluins holds a Master’s degree in Bioscience Engineering (2020) from UCLouvain. Her master’s degree focused on forestry sciences. Her PhD research now focuses on the transformation of the agricultural and food system towards sustainability and resilience. In particular, Océane’s research focuses on the protein transition. She also is a teaching assistant in biology within the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering.

    Philippe Baret

    Research director

    Philippe Baret holds a MSc in agricultural sciences and a PhD in quantitative genetics. A professor at UCLouvain since 1997, his teachings focus on systems analysis, genetics and agroecology. He supervises the Sytra research team with a focus on the characterization of agricultural and food systems, the development of agroecology and the processes of innovation and transition. He is a member of various organizations boards and research groups.

    Clémentine Antier

    Research assistant

    Clémentine holds a MSc in agricultural sciences from AgroParisTech. Her research focuses on the dynamics of ecological transition, with an original approach mixing agronomy and sociology. Her work considers scales from the farm level to the regional and european level.

    Céline Chevalier

    Research assistant

    Céline holds a PhD in agricultural science (UCLouvain), supervised by Pr.Philippe Baret and Pr. Xavier Draye. Her PhD aimed at studying intercropping in market gardening through an explorative and participatory approach. Since November 2023, she works as a research assistant in the Sytra team.

    Manon Ferdinand

    Research assistant

    Manon holds a PhD in agricultural science (UCLouvain), supervised by Pr. Philippe Baret and  with the funding from a FNRS-FRIA grant. Her thesis focused on the study of the diversity of Conservation Agriculture practices and the impact of this diversity on soil quality indicators. Since April 2024, she works as a research assistant in the Sytra team.

    Caroline Amrom

    Research assistant

    Caroline holds a MSc in agricultural sciences (ULB) as well as in Climate Change Adaptation. She joined the Sytra team in November 2020.

    Following on from her previous experiences with agricultural organizations and farmers unions and in a consulting firm specializing in social risk management, Caroline will carry out prospective and strategic studies on the dynamics of agricultural and food transition.

    Anton Riera

    Research assistant

    Anton holds a MSc in agricultural sciences (UCLouvain) as well as in Environmental Sustainability (University of Edinburgh). As part of Sytra, his work ranges over the three research areas of the team: the global analysis of food and agricultural systems, a consideration of the diversity within those systems and discussions around transition pathways.

    Anne-Maud Courtois

    Research assistant

    Anne-Maud holds a MSc in Forest & Nature Conservation (Wageningen University). 

    She has worked during several years for sustainable management projects and monitoring of forest ecosystems internationally.

    She joined the Sytra team in December 2020. She contributes to prospective studies on the ecological transition of agro-food systems. She particularly appreciates the inclusive processes that combine the knowledge and experiences of all to bring about sustainable agroecological innovations.

    Noé Vandevoorde

    PhD Candidate

    Agroecologist (ULiège and ULB) and holder of a master’s degree in theoretical physics (ULB), Noé Vandevoorde is leading a PhD in the Sytra team, funded by the Province of Luxembourg. His thesis focuses on the realization of a state of the art of the use of pesticides and their associated pollutions in the province, as well as on the study of pathways for decreasing the use of pesticides in the Province of Luxembourg.

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