February 22nd 2021

Defining a fair price in innovative value chains

A list of 14 criteria for defining a fair price and helping actors designing innovative value chains.


For encouraging farmers to undertake crop diversification, the price of the new crops should provide additional value compared to more common crops.

In the context of the EU-funded project DiverIMPACTS, a list of 14 criteria for defining a fair price were identified. A related questionnaire was developed for helping actors discussing the price level and design innovative value chains.

These tools were tested in CS18 (Belgium) and presented in various contexts (France, Sweden, UK).

A fair pricing process can strengthen actors’ capacity for innovating and creating sustainable, fair value chains.

By going through the list of fair pricing criteria, farmers and other value chains actors can get an overview of the concept of fair price. The related questionnaire allows actors to assess the current status of pricing in their value chain, and to identify which fair pricing criteria are the most important and relevant for the future of their project.

A webinar during which these tools were presented is also available here

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