December 11th 2020



The role of fair pricing for crop diversification

In the context of the EU-funded DiverIMPACTS project, we will present tools and analysis for helping crop diversification case studies developing fair value chains.


Please  register. You can then access the meeting with the link below.

Direct link to the meeting (Zoom meeting on Friday 11th of December 9-10am)


This workshop is for DiverIMPACTS and Diverfarming partners. 

In the context of the Work Package 5 focusing on barriers and enablers to crop diversification, and in collaboration with the Case Study 18 team, tools are being developed for helping value chains actors reflect on and establish a fair price. 

9-9.30am: Introduction

  • Team, objectives and approach of T5.3
  • Presentation of CS18
  • Pricing in the context of crop diversification
  • Presentation of the ‘fair pricing’ tools developed

9.30-10am: Collaborative workshop

  • Discussion with other CSs and partners on opportunities for application in other contexts


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