Transition of food systems


September 30th 2020

The dual challenge of livestock production in Wallonia

This study highlights that it is possible to combine environmental and economic performance in bovine (dairy and suckler) production systems in Wallonia (Southern Belgium).


This study aims to analyse the environmental and economic performance of different bovine production systems in Wallonia. More specifically, the study relies on the analysis of farm accountancy data to meet two main objectives :

  1. To highlight the diversity of practices by identifying typologies of dairy and suckler production systems specific to Wallonia.
  2. To compare these production systems from the point of view of their structural characteristics and their environmental and economic performance.

The results show that (1) it is possible to combine environmental and economic performances : systems with the best environmental results present economic results which are as satisfactory as the others; and (2) similar income levels can hide different economic models.

The attached documents (in French) present the results in more detail.