November 8th 2021

Assessing the use of pesticide for livestock products

This study assesses the use of chemical pesticides for animal-based products.


Over the last years, several WWF European units launched national consumer Meat Guides. The aim of these guides is to analyse how different kinds of animal products, and some plant-based alternatives, affect our planet, through several environmental indicators: GHG emissions, biodiversity, animal welfare, use of pesticides, use of antibiotics, etc.

This study focusses on the use of pesticides of livestock products and plant-based alternatives. It pursues two main objectives :

  1. Providing a methodological update on the assessment of pesticides use associated to livestock products ;
  2. Assessing the use of pesticides for a series of livestock products and plant-based alternatives, from several countries of origin.

Two deliverables are available:

  1. A first report was carried out on behalf of several European WWF offices. It comprises all the details regarding the methodological update as well as a first series of results for several livestock and plant-based products.
  2. A complementary study for WWF Sweden, which was carried out in the context of the re-launch of the updated Swedish Meat Guide. Based on the same methodological principles, it includes a number of additional animal and plant-based products.


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