March 11th 2024

Alignment and coordination strategies for crop diversification

The development of crop diversification systems requires a high level of coordination of material flows and strategies. We highlight the diversity of crop diversification value chains and point levers to enhance the alignment and coordination of crop diversification processes.


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The purpose of this research was to highlight the critical aspects of alignment and coordination of strategies and processes along value chains, related to the diversification of crop systems. The methods for this study included a systematic review of scientific literature on intra-value chains coordination in the context of crop diversification. This review allowed to identify barriers to coordination, and related levers to enhance the alignment and coordination of processes related to crop diversification.

Those levers are discussed according to the type of value chains. Secondly, a framework was developed to render systematic and consistent the characterization of crop diversification value chains. This framework is meant to enable a more targeted analysis of case studies and provides a foundation for cross-case comparisons and the identification of broader trends or patterns. By organizing similar value chains into clusters, future projects can effectively target specific dimensions or variables for further study, thereby enhancing the depth and breadth of research in crop diversification contexts. Levers could then be better targeted according to various variables of crop diversification farming systems and value chains.


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