May 31st 2022

Crop diversification: the importance of a value chain approach

This 'Policy Brief' explains the importance of an approach at the value chain level to support the development of crop diversification.


  • The implementation of crop diversification requires multiple changes, not only within farming systems but also in terms of creation and development of new value chains.

  • Providing support for the many actors that compose and contribute to new value chains, and ensuring better coordination among them, are thus critical to the development of crop diversification.

  • Key policy recommendations include allocating public and private resources towards actors involved in crop diversification, with special attention paid to the starting and scaling-out phases. Specific support should be provided to help mitigate or share the investment costs and risks along value chains, e.g. through the development of innovative contracts and subsidy schemes.

  • Creating a favorable environment including regulatory stability for new crops, as well as undertaking wide communication campaigns, are critical to increase the share of crop diversification products.


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