February 18th 2022



Online (Zoom)

DiverIMPACTS webinar: Small-scale sorting of pulses and grains

In this webinar, an example of machinery and operations for sorting multiple crops on the farm was presented.


The challenges of crop diversification appear not only for the production in the fields, but also at the post-harvest stage. What are the options for sorting and packing pulses/crop diversification production at a small scale level?

In this DiverIMPACTS webinar, Per Modig (Sweden) presented the machinery and operations he has set in his farm for sorting multiple crops. In particular, information were shared on the following topics:

  • the machinery;
  • the learning/experimentation process;
  • the financial aspect: investment/costs/return on investment;
  • challenges.

The presentation was followed by a time for questions and discussion.


Watch the recording

The webinar took place on 18 Feb. 2022 09:00 – 10:30 AM Bruxelles. It was recorded and is now available on the following link: 

Webinar small-scale sorting of multiple crops

Password to access the webinar: DiverIMPACTS@WP5




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